1. I can't find Moonshine on a map. Is it real?

Yes! Most GPS units get you close to Moonshine, but even they are off about a mile. You could be like the original Moonshine Lunch Run guest, Jerry "Blue Moon" Wagner, and ride down half the gravel roads in the county trying to find it. Or you could come to the Days Inn in Casey on Saturday morning and get an escort for your first trip to Moonshine. We start sending people down around 8:30.

2. Can the owners really cook enough Moonburgers for all the riders?

Absolutely! Helen and Roy Tuttle look forward to the Moonshine Lunch Run − it's their favorite event of the whole year. They practically get misty eyed talking about the riders. It's a ton of work, making all those Moonburgers, but family and many locals pitch in to make it a success.

3. Is there an entry fee to register and participate?

NO! Never has been and never will be on our watch! Terry Hammond started the Moonshine Lunch Run as a wacky way to get riders together and charging for it would only screw that up. Donations are accepted to help with the cost and every penny left over is donated to charity. Bottom line: we are glad to have you as a guest.

4. Are there Moonshine T-Shirts for sale?

Yes. Place your order in advance online and pick it up at the event. We don't ship − you need to earn your shirt by riding to Moonshine! We usually have a limited supply at the event but can't guarantee we'll have your preferred style or size, so please pre-order. All money raised beyond the cost of the shirts is used to keep the event free and everything left over is donated to charity.

5. What's this I hear about a "Sweet Roll Lady"?

That's Renee Honselman! She donates her time to make sweet rolls for breakfast on Saturday morning. She knows the Moonshine Lunch Run is a great cause and baking sweet rolls for us is her (delicious) way of helping. The money she collects is all donated to charity.

6. What kinds of charitable causes benefit from the donations?

Each year, participants donate many thousands of dollars that help people in crisis, support music education, provide hope for orphans and deliver crucial community services. Check the History page for examples of where money was donated in the past.

7. Why do we need to sign up to eat a Moonburger on Saturday or eat dinner at Richards Farm on Friday evening?

Moonshine is a small place and the only way the Tuttles can pull off the Lunch Run each year is by knowing how many riders plan to come. It's the same for Friday night dinner at Richard's Farm. It's important, please sign up.

8. Why do you want to know my E-mail address/City/State/Name/Internet handle/and miles from Moonshine when I sign up?

E-mail makes it easier to contact you. We'll never use it for anything but this wacky Moonshine Lunch Run, you have our word. City and State? Just curious. It is fun to see where everyone is from. Name/Internet handle? You'd be amazed how many people only know someone by their online name or real name, but not both.

9. Will there be door prizes?

Yes, things are normally donated each year to give out. But don't expect any doors... motorcycles don't have those!

10. Why is the Moonshine Lunch Run held in April?

Terry Hammond was a farmer. Once he started spring planting he was busy through June, so that wouldn't work. Come summer, he rode his motorcycle to distant places, so that wouldn't work. Autumn kept him busy with the harvest, so that wouldn't work. Of course, winter wouldn't work in Illinois. Terry chose early April because he knew it would bring together long-distance riders who, in his words, "get it." Do you "get it"? Ride to Moonshine and find out!

11. So Moonshine is the event that starts the riding season?

For lots of riders, it is. Those of us unable to ride because of winter weather pass the time by talking about riding to Moonshine. We trade stories about the tornadoes we saw on the way north or the snow we rode through on the way south. We recall the sideways wind as we rode east or the lightning as we rode west. Some of us even remember the sunshine! All of us wear our Moonshine shirts with pride knowing that we are more than motorcycle owners − we are motorcycle riders. We proved it by making the Moonshine Lunch Run.

12. What if it's too cold or too far or too wet?

It's never too cold, never too far, never too wet.

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