Moonshine, IL

11th Annual

Moonshine Lunch Run

11 April 2015 in Moonshine, IL

4/12/2015 − Thanks to everyone who came and to those who helped make this weekend happen. 3,061 was the burger count for this year. Jason still has t−shirts available. You can email him at jason at I will try to get a list of what is available posted here. I know the majority is large short and long sleeve.

4/08/2015 − I shutdown registration and Chili Supper pre−sale tickets. You can still come to event and eat at Chili Supper. Thanks everyone who registered and bought tickets.

4/04/2015 − The Church service has been moved to Saturday night.

1/17/2015 − We have been getting questions asking what a moontag looks like. Here is a link.

1/12/2015 − I apologize if you tried to order a moontag since I posted the information yesterday. I had the wrong email address. It is now updated below.

1/11/2015Moontags can be ordered by emailing boco.orders at(@) Please include first and last name, nickname or handle, hometown and state and choose a color; red, black or blue. Price is 10 dollars and they can be picked up at event.

1/7/2015 − We have stickers for sale now on the t−shirt page.

1/3/2015 − The Moonshine Curt Gran Memorial SaddleSore 1000 registration will start on January 11th and end on March 29th.

1/1/2015 − Happy New Year! Registration is open.

12/30/2014 − I'm just starting to get the page ready for next year. Registration should be open on January 1st and t−shirt pre-orders may be before that. Keep checking for updates.

Keep checking back here for updates.

It looks like the 12th Annual will be 9 April 2016!

And remember Terry's famous words.....

If you don't make it to Moonshine,,, you ain't a Motorcycle Rider,,, you're just a Motorcycle Owner!!!

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