Moonshine, IL

14th Annual

Moonshine Lunch Run

14 April 2018 in Moonshine, IL

12/26/2017 − The Moonshine store has asked that no one camp at the store. T−shirts sales and donations page are online. A hotel was added to hotel page and event page is updated as of today. Some things are still being confirmed, but I will update event page if anything changes.

12/24/2017 − I've started working on site for 2018. I'm looking to have done for Jan 1st registration.

Keep checking back here for updates.

It looks like the 15th Annual will be 13 April, 2019!

And remember Terry's famous words.....

If you don't make it to Moonshine,,, you ain't a Motorcycle Rider,,, you're just a Motorcycle Owner!!!

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