Moonshine Curt Gran Memorial SaddleSore 1000

Long Distance riding is at the core of what makes Moonshine, well, Moonshine. We wanted to offer something in the spirit of Moonshine that riders could participate in that like doing the miles. We've always offered Miles from Home awards but many of us live too close to ever qualify for those awards. So, we decided that offering a special SaddleSore 1000 certificate from the Iron Butt Association would be a great way to incorporate long miles to get to Moonshine.

Read the Ride Requirements to find out how to register for the ride.

We're offering the easiest way for riders to obtain their official Iron Butt Association SaddleSore 1000 certificate by riding 1000 miles in 24 hours to Moonshine with a minimal amount of paperwork.

Riders will just need to complete the ride according to the requirements and, upon approval, will receive their certificate right there on the spot.

Go to the requirements section to learn how to register for the ride.

Visit Moonshine Curt Gran Memorial SaddleSore 1000 website for more information.


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