Moonshine Curt Gran Memorial SaddleSore 1000

Long Distance riding is at the core of what made Moonshine, well, Moonshine.  Curt Gran, member of the Moonshine Board of Regents wanted to offer something in the spirit of Moonshine for riders who like doing the miles, above and beyond the "Miles from Home" awards, for which many live too close to ever qualify.  In 2012, Curt developed the Moonshine Lunch Run SaddleSore 1000 where riders earned a special SaddleSore 1000 certificate from the Iron Butt Association on the way to Moonshine.

Unfortunately, Curt was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2012. Rick Martin, Moonshine Board of Regent member, agreed to carry on Curt's Creation and served as Moonshine SS1k Coordinator. The ride’s name changed to the Moonshine Curt Gran Memorial SS1000 in honor of our friend.

During the years Rick coordinated the SS1K, 167 certificates were awarded with 9 being for two up. I am currently trying to get the number for the first year Curt coordinated.

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