Terry "Austin City Limits" Hammond

11/05/1957 - 11/19/2010

Terry Hammond was a friend to everyone he met, but especially other long-distance motorcyclists. Even those he never met in person he counted among his friends, and his willingness to open his home and heart to any rider was truly epic.

Terry was a Midwestern gentleman, an eighth generation farmer, a family man, a committed Christian, a skilled tinkerer, a community benefactor, and a funny, funny guy. He could sing, cry, laugh and ride, and did them all with relentless enthusiasm.

The Moonshine Lunch Run was Terry's concept and it meant the world to him, but it was never about him. All the work, all the effort, and all the love he put into this unique event was for the riders. As anyone who's ridden to Moonshine can attest, it's not about the ride, it's not about the burger, it's about the experience. For that experience, and so much more, riders everywhere thank Terry Hammond.

By DR1954

"If I die today,,, and am only known for 1 thing on this earth,,, and it is the MLR,,, I had a very honored and cherished life to see so many great friends like you..."

By Two Brothers

"I had a lot of people I had said I was going to tip a Diet Dr Pepper to on the Saturday of the MLR,,, and many to thank,,, and remember... What you caught was,,, proof I really do it... big grin"

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